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Tuesday, 9 August 2011


BEHIND THE HEART is a programme aimed at highlighting the root of the malaise of our society which manifests in the   most   despicable behavioural tendencies – greed, indiscipline and corruption.
These patterns of behavior have become deeply entrenched in our way of life and it is almost impossible to see any hope of us moving forward as a nation. After deep reflection, the answer after almost over ten years came: to go forward we must first of all go backwards.
Because most behaviour is caused, most peoples’ behaviour can be traced to previous experiences in their life(for instance, most Nigerians who have suffered deprivation in the past fear its effects so much that they can go to any length to ensure they never experience it again.)
However, to establish the link between these past experiences and the resultant behaviour, there must be an acknowledgement by the individual-once you can say it, you can slay it.
BEHIND THE HEART   portrays real life stories and experiences. These experiences are reconstructed by actors and actresses with a narrator giving an overview.The experiences that trigger the character defect or misbehaviour are highlighted, the resultant behaviour is identified and the steps taken to ensure positive change are emphasized.
Everybody has had one or two such experiences (rejection, disappointment, betrayal) and as they tune in to this programme and begin to reflect on their lives it is hoped that lasting change will occur in our nation and the world around us.
Wednesdays and Fridays by 8.30pm on Inspiration 9.23fm....

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