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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The 2011 Nigeria Wine & Spirits Festival

The 2nd edition of Nigeria Wine & Spirit Festival (NWSF) will be held on the 21st – 23rd of October 2011, at the Ocean View Garden. This year’s edition promises to be a fantastic experience, with an array of local and international wines, spirits, cuisines and more.

There's something for everyone!

- Wine tasting and sampling.
- Exclusive tasting of wines yet to be released into the markets
- Wine Seminars & Conferences
- Best food & wine pairing 
- The art of wine mixology
- Buying with mouth watering discounts 
- Live jazz 
- And many more

NWSF + Food and more, places more emphasis on trade opportunities, whether you are an importer, sommelier, restaurant owner, potential importer, shipper, merchant, hotelier, agent, producer, wholesaler, distributor etc.
The 1st edition of Nigeria Wine and Spirit Festival was the 1st of its kind in sub-Sahara Africa, having wines, spirits and champagne brands from France, Chile, Spain, South Africa, Argentina and Italy. T
his year’s edition is the presentation of locally made wines and spirits to the international wine and spirit community and the trade seminars, which offer

A great opportunity for established importers and interested importers and producers to meet with all governmental and non-governmental institutions and companies who provide support and regulatory frameworks for the wine and Spirit industry.


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